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Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and the biggest black nation in the world.

Since the Buhari government came into power in May 2015, the Central Bank governor, Godwin Emefiele, has grown in power, influence and corruption. He has now done a lot of damage to Nigeria’s economy and credibilty with his disastrous forex policies and control of the markets.

He is incompetent, corrupt and very erratic. He makes the rules of the forex market as he likes, depending on who he wants to favour on a particular day.

The size of Godwin Emefiele’s corruption and incompetence is too much even by Nigeria’s standards. We want to expose what is going on at Nigeria’s Central Bank so that Nigerians will know the damage being done to our economy.

We are a group of concerned finance professionals who believe that Nigerians need to know what Godwin Emefiele is doing to our economy and industries. The Central Bank currently has no board because President Buhari has not appointed one. This means that Godwin Emefiele is currently a law unto himself at the Central Bank and he can do anything he likes.

Enough is enough! – Godwin Emefiele must be replaced by a competent Central Bank governor before he damages Nigeria’s economy beyond repair.


    The worst and dumbest CBN governor Nigeria ever experienced! Lest I forget, he is also the most corrupt CBN governor in the history of this country. We will always remember his bad records and reputation.

    K | 11 months ago Reply

    I recommend you create an online petition to enable us drive a voice for his sack.

    Dammy | 11 months ago Reply

      I support your motion and all petition should copy senate and house of rep. let see if it only trivial things they derive pleasure in discussing.

      tito | 11 months ago Reply

    How come till now CBN still don't have a board? Is that Emeiefele's doing as well?

    MKT | 11 months ago Reply

    He doesn't deserve a website. An online petition would do justice.

    Ariel | 11 months ago Reply

    You need to put this on twitter or something that has a farther reach but I understand that you may want to protect your identity because corruption will alwys fight back. Is there any way at all to get the ears of the President? This is such a shame

    Winmilola | 11 months ago Reply

    I hope Emefiele himself is viewing all these comments.

    Anonymous | 11 months ago Reply

    Emefiele's economic cum financial policies are unworkable for Nigeria. Foreign investors (with Certificate of Capital Importation (CCI), have retracted from further investments in Nigeria economy, because their 2016 earned dividends are never repatriated to their various countries of domicile , I'm among! Several letters sent by me to Emefiele and a host of his departments' directors were never acknowledged, addressed, nor acted upon!! how can further foreign investments come to Nigeria under Emefiele's governorship of the CBN with his unpolished economic and financial polices? HELL NO WAY!!! He ought to go.

    ADESEGUN BABATUNDE OYESANYA | 11 months ago Reply

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